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Object Number 2. The Strand of Conversation
From the Kit for Uptight White People

The Art of Conversation (read this if you are uptight and white it might help!)

The Inaugural Award for White People Who are Conversational Legends

Yesterday, I and my beloved and beautiful partner Suki (pictured co-incidentally in his conversational T Shirt! - remember all it takes is a Hello, Ciao, Ni Hiao, or Hola), went up to Heidi, which was open for free to the public to commemorate its 30th Birthday. Yesterday I the pleasure to meet a person excellent at conversation pictured in the third photo, on the right. Her name is Penelope Bartlau, Artistic Director of Barking Spider Visual Theatre. I suppose her theatric training and skills do help! But Penelope certainly knew how to evoke conversation. How? First of all she made sure that she had something to talk about. In this situation, her and her colleagues were creating a huge mural at the entrance to Heide, to commemorate the 30th Birthday. I liked this idea, because the mural in itself was a conversation about the day, the place and the time. So the Mural gave Penelope something to talk about. So helpful tip number 1 for the art of conversation is that Its always a good idea to have something engaging to talk about!

Penelope introduced the mural, and she was also a good listener, and put people at ease by listening attentively to them, and also by encouraging them to make art on the mural, despite their fears. She made everyone feel safe and comfortable, by paying attention to what they were making and educating them about the beauty of their mark making.

Penelope! I salute you, as you are testimony to the possiblity that White People can enact the conversations necessary to break down our social disconnect. This is because, in my opinion, you enact trust, and empower the other (through honour!). Well done. Maybe I need to start devising a set of pins to award to white people that I know who break the mould. If I do, you will definitely be one of my first recipients! Brava! What should we call these pins? I have been referred to before by my italian friends as an “Australian Sbagliata”. Which means A Mistaken Australian. I think that so many white people forget that it takes an effort to make conversation, and that it comes naturally. So they don’t even try. Italian people I have known think that we are timid. One Italian person I know says that we just stare like gold fish and don’t talk!

Penelope, I look forward to continuing our inspiring and interesting conversation when we meet for a cup of tea on wednesday morning. Thankyou

What do you do that is worth starting a conversation over? Your kids? A cake you made? Your love life. Your plans for the future? Instead of relying on Who Weekly, and your latest shopping purchase, you should be your own story and make something then talk about it for gods sake!

Garden as a conversation

As you know, I really like gardening. Gardening is a great thing to talk about. Why? There is always something new happening. Just look at these images of blooms taken at Heide yesterday. Who could fail to want to talk about them? Look at the gorgeous little signs they have created for the kitchen garden. Who but the most boring blob could fail to want to talk about that beautiful lettering, and the way the A drops down and curls around the other letters so beautifully! And funny things always happen with wildlife in gardens, who could fail to talk about that mad possum I spotted sleeping with its tail sticking out of its hideout! ha ha ha. To me, A garden is a conversation.

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